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✨ Reading the Cards ✨

Symbolon Course - Module IV.

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symbolon card reading techniques

What you'll learn

✅ More than 60 minutes of video lectures

✅ Introduction to the Symbolon deck

✅ Origins, structure and the different uses

✅ Reading the cards

✅ Asking the right questions

✅ Card reading techniques

✅ 6 different card spreads

✅ Intuition exercises

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Course Curriculum

What will you learn?

Melinda Symbolon Cards Academy Online Course

👋 Meet Your Course Instructor!

Melinda is the founder of and Symbolon Academy, where the magic of Symbolon comes to life. With over a decade of experience working with Symbolon cards, she is now offering the opportunity for others to learn from her expertise. In this online video course, Melinda not only reveals her own personal journey with the Symbolon deck but also guides you through your own process of self-discovery. By joining her on this journey, you'll learn the language of Symbolon and you'll be equipped to use the deck for yourself and for the benefit of others.

✨ Learn how to read the Symbolon cards ✨

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