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Welcome to Symbolon Academy

✨ Self-discovery & Personal growth

Hello and welcome to the Symbolon Academy. I'm Melinda, the founder of and Symbolon Academy. With a passion for holistic well-being and spiritual exploration, I've dedicated over a decade to studying and utilizing the Symbolon Deck as a transformative tool for self-exploration.

My journey with the Symbolon Cards began with an intuitive connection that sparked a profound interest in unlocking their full potential. Over the years, I've delved deep into the symbolism, meanings, and practical applications of the Symbolon Deck, guided by the wisdom of the best teachers and mentors in the field.

For me, Symbolon has now become more than just a divination tool—it's my trusted advisor, guiding me through life's twists and turns and providing invaluable insights along the way. So now, I'm excited to be able to share my knowledge, research, and experience with you through Symbolon Academy.

My goal in establishing the Symbolon Academy online school was to raise awareness about the transformative potential of this remarkable self-development tool among a wide audience. Drawing from my Eastern European background, I've had the privilege of learning the language of Symbolon from esteemed teachers and mentors, allowing me to now share this knowledge in English.

The original literature on the Symbolon deck is predominantly found exclusively in German language, with only a limited portion translated into English. I found this unfortunate, as both the knowledge and the cards themselves hold transformative potential for personal development. Now, with the establishment of Symbolon Academy, and Symbolon itself reaching a broader audience, I hope that this profound knowledge can positively impact even more individuals on their own journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

📚 Free E-book

Download our free e-book and delve into the cards of the Major Arcana. Discover the astrological archetypes behind each of the 12 cards that make up the Symbolon deck Major Arcana. Click here to grab the e-book.

💻 Online Course

At Symbolon Academy, we offer an online video course 'Introduction to the Symbolon Deck', that is designed to empower you with the same insights and understanding that have enriched my own journey with the cards. Click here for more information on the course.

💙 Facebook Group

I invite you to join our Facebook community, where you can connect with fellow students, ask questions, and share insights as you explore the Symbolon Card Deck together. Click here to join the Symbolon Community Facebook Group.

🎓 Get Certified

If you feel called to deepen your understanding further, our Symbolon Mastery Program offers certification for students who have completed the course. For any questions or enrollment and inquiries, please contact us at or visit Symbolon Academy website.

I wish you well on your own journey of self-discovery and personal growth! I do hope that Symbolon will become your trusted friend and that you will find comfort and guidance in its wisdom for many years to come.

Warm regards,